Object of the Game

Use voltage (the Voltinator) to push electrons from atom to atom in a circuit to power an electric applicance.

Here's How

1. Start at any of the three levels of difficulty: Apprentice (easy), Journeyman (medium), or Master (difficult). There are four steps within each level; pass them all and you can go to the next level.

2. Click PLAY GAME to start the flow of characters. You must use The Voltinator (your cursor) to catch the falling electrons and place them anywhere on the circuit of atoms. You do not need to click.

3. The energy in the meter will rise as more electrons are placed. When all the electrons are placed in the circuit, the appliance will go on.

4. Sound Easy? There's a catch. Each level starts out with four Voltinator lives. If a Sparktron, Automaton or Zagtron touches the Voltinator, one life is lost. The other characters are harmless.
Apprentice Level 1